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Scented Wax for Wax Burners | Lavender Bergamot | Makandulo


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Scented Wax for Wax Burners – Fresh Breeze Makandulo

Scented wax for fragrance burners, designed to fill every room with the unique aroma of lavender and bergamot. This delightful scent of natural waxes will bring a fresh breeze, peace, and harmony into your home.

This extraordinary natural fragrance composition will undoubtedly allow you to create your own relaxation space. The Lavender and Bergamot Scented Wax is undeniably associated mainly with summer, as that’s when we can admire it most often.

Makandulo scented waxes – lavender with bergamot have aromatherapeutic properties that will help in reducing stress, migraines, relaxation, and unwinding so you can feel good every day…

How to use the scented wax for burners?

Place the wax in the cavity of the fragrance burner. Melt the wax in the burner using a tealight candle. As the wax heats up, the natural fragrances sealed in the palm wax will be released. One wax melt (10 g) has a burn time of 4 to 5 hours.

If you no longer sense the aroma after the wax has melted, it means that the essential oils have evaporated. It’s time to purchase another Makandulo wax melt…

The price is for 1 piece of scented wax.

Ingredients: 100% natural palm wax, natural fragrance composition: natural essential oil from lavender and bergamot.

Weight: approx. 10 g (1 piece).


10 g


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