Collaborate with Makandulo: Eco Candles and Wax for Your Business!

Are you looking for ecological, vegan products that will bring a unique atmosphere to your place while being of high quality? Discover Makandulo – a brand specializing in natural candles and aromatherapy waxes. Perfect for your business!

Why Makandulo?

Makandulo is synonymous with luxury, ecological responsibility, and a holistic approach. Our candles and waxes are made from natural ingredients, making them an excellent choice for those who wish to embrace a healthy lifestyle and wellness in harmony with nature.

What distinguishes our candles from other companies?

There are three reasons that make our candles unique and one of a kind:

The unique design of our candles resulting from the natural crystallization of palm wax, i.e. "frost effect"

Making candles 100% handmade by our company in Poland

The highest quality of products resulting from the use of only natural plant and herbal waxes, plant extracts and essential oils

Your Collaboration Options

At Makandulo, we offer a range of collaboration options, including:

  • Custom Labels: We can customize the packaging and labels of our candles and waxes to align with your brand or special occasions.
  • Made-to-Order Products: We will create unique blends of scents and ingredients specifically for your company.
  • Wholesale Orders: We provide attractive terms for wholesale orders, whether you are a small shop or a large chain.

Create your product

Container Choice

We want you to have full freedom in creating your ideal candle. Our offer includes a variety of containers, including elegant glass containers with a lid. If you have your own idea for a container, feel free to share it with us! We also offer candle pouring into containers provided by the customer.

Discover Scents

In our fragrance palette, you will find a variety of aromas. We continuously explore and compose unique, natural, proprietary scents. Combine the chosen aroma with a glass container to provide your customers with a true feast for the senses.

Custom Decorations

We pay attention to every detail when it comes to finishing our candles. You decide what decorative elements will be on your product. We also offer personalization – creating a label with your logo or another ornament on the candle.

Gift Sets

We also create exclusive gift sets according to your expectations. Our candles subtly fill the space with their flame, creating a magical atmosphere.

Scented Waxes

As experienced manufacturers, we also offer scented waxes for fireplaces in our range - an excellent alternative for aromatherapy lovers who prefer something other than candles. Our scented waxes have unique patterns.

Luxury Massage Candles

Our massage candles are the epitome of luxury and care. They are made based on soy wax of dermatologically tested quality, enriched with natural, certified essential oils and plant extracts without artificial additives. These exceptional oils contained in the candles have wonderful regenerating, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and firming properties for the skin while acting on the senses with their relaxing aromas. Perfect for SPA salons and drugstores, Makandulo's massage candles offer a unique experience that combines beneficial effects on the skin with deep relaxation and aromatherapy.

Who Is Our Offer For?


Create a cozy atmosphere with our natural candles. Clothing and Beauty Salons: Our products can add a luxurious character to your salon, creating an atmosphere of relaxation and care.


Create a cozy atmosphere with our natural candles. Clothing and Beauty Salons: Our products can add a luxurious character to your salon, creating an atmosphere of relaxation and care.

SPA salon

Introduce aromatherapy products to your range that will help your clients achieve deep relaxation.


Our elegant candles and waxes can be a perfect addition to your bouquets and floral arrangements.

Drugstores and herbal shops

Enrich your range with high-quality, eco-friendly body and health care products.

Interior design

Thanks to a candle with an original design, you can emphasize the character of the interior in a unique way and influence the final reception of the offer. Use our candles and waxes as stylish interior accessories..

Clothing and beauty salons

Our products can add a luxurious character to your salon, creating an atmosphere of relaxation and care.

Baskets and corporate gifts

Surprise your clients and business partners with unique gifts.

Many other companies

who value high quality, short natural composition, wonderful fragrance, beautiful appearance, comprehensive service and flexibility in creating your product.

Our offer is versatile and tailored to the needs of various industries. Whether you run a SPA salon, restaurant, drugstore, hotel, or florist, our products will help you stand out in the market and provide unforgettable experiences for your clients.

Join Us

Start collaborating with Makandulo and introduce products to your range that are not only luxurious but also environmentally conscious and promote a healthy lifestyle. Contact us at https://makandulo.pl/koszyk/kontakt/ to learn more about partnership options and how we can work together to bring value to your business.

At Makandulo, we believe that through responsible action and high quality, we can together create a better world. Join our mission and start collaborating today!

Let's start collaborating today:

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