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Scented Wax for Fireplaces – Lemon Balm


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Lemon Balm – Scented Wax for Fireplaces by Makandulo

Discover our “Lemon Balm Scented Wax” from Makandulo, crafted from natural lemon balm extract. Its captivating aroma, filled with herbal and citrus notes, perfectly alleviates stress and tension. It’s an excellent choice for those battling insomnia.

Our Lemon Balm Scented Waxes not only soothe the senses but are also unique due to their natural, eco-friendly, and vegan ingredients. Makandulo has created a genuine sensation – a fragrance you’ll fall in love with from the very first sniff. Relax and release stress with Lemon Balm by Makandulo – 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Reap the benefits of aromatherapy with our lemon balm waxes. Discover their remarkable properties – they help fight insomnia, calm down, and restore emotional balance.

How to use the scented wax for fireplaces?

  1. Place the wax in the indentation of the scented fireplace.
  2. Melt the wax using a tealight candle.
  3. Enjoy the release of natural fragrances from the palm wax for 4-5 hours. If the aroma starts to fade, it’s likely the essential oils have evaporated. Don’t wait, choose another Lemon Balm Scented Wax from Makandulo.

Price is for one piece.

Ingredients: 100% natural palm wax enriched with natural lemon balm extract.

Weight: approx. 10 g/piece.


palm wax


10 g

Burn time

ok. 5 hours

The intensity of the fragrance




Order fulfillment time

about 2 business days delivery time

Fragrance notes

Lemon balm


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