Scented Wax Melt for Fireplaces – Magic of the Holidays


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Makandulo Christmas Scented Wax Melt – Magic of the Holidays

Immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of the holidays with our scented wax melt “Magic of the Holidays” by Makandulo. This unique, natural fragrance composition evokes memories of the most cherished holiday moments.

Thanks to the aromatherapeutic properties of our wax melts (relaxation, calming, stress reduction), you can experience the true ambiance of the holidays. Upon melting, you will first sense the refreshing resinous scent of pine, reminiscent of a traditional Christmas tree, followed by the enveloping notes of cinnamon and orange setting you in a festive mood.

How to use the Makandulo Christmas Scented Wax Melt for fireplaces?

  1. Place the wax in a scent fireplace.
  2. Melt it using a tealight candle.
  3. As it warms up, indulge in the genuine magic of holiday fragrances encapsulated in natural palm wax. Each wax melt offers 4 to 5 hours of aromatherapy.
  4. If the scent begins to fade, it’s a sign to replace with another Makandulo wax melt.

The price pertains to one scented wax melt weighing approx. 10g.

Ingredients: 100% natural palm wax with essential oils: orange, cinnamon, and pine.

Experience the true magic of the holidays with Makandulo. Order now!


palm wax


10 g

Burn time

ok. 5 hours

The intensity of the fragrance




Order fulfillment time

about 2 business days delivery time

Fragrance notes

Pine, cinnamon, orange


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