Candle for Spiders – Ticks – Mites – Moths – Stop Arachnids


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Natural Scented Candle STOP ARACHNIDS

Makandulo Stop Arachnids – a natural scented candle against ticks, spiders, and mites. Effective protection in your home and garden.

Looking for an effective way to combat ticks, spiders, and mites? Discover the natural scented candle Makandulo Stop Arachnids. Its unique formula, based on natural ingredients, effectively repels these unwanted insects, providing peace and safety in your home and garden.

Makandulo Stop Arachnids uses the power of essential oils and plant extracts that effectively repel ticks, spiders, and mites. Made from natural palm wax, this eco-friendly scented candle guarantees not only effectiveness but also environmental friendliness.

Thanks to the natural power of essential oils, Makandulo Stop Arachnids candles are easy to use and are an excellent addition to your strategy for combating these insects. Take advantage of their action and enjoy the peace in your surroundings.

Don’t waste time and protect your home and garden spaces from ticks, spiders, and mites.

Technical data:

  • Net candle capacity: 165 ml
  • Burning time: approx. 20 hours
  • Container: glass
  • Plant wax: eco-friendly palm wax
  • Wick: wooden

Composition: 100% natural palm wax, eco-friendly wooden wick, natural essential oil: green tea, cedar tree, lemongrass, rosemary

Makandulo – effective, eco-friendly protection!


palm wax

Fragrance notes

Green Tea, Cedarwood, Lemongrass, Rosemary



The intensity of the fragrance



165 ml

Burn time

ok. 20 hours




65 mm


82 mm

Order fulfillment time

about 2 business days delivery time


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