Why is it Worth Using Natural Scented Candles?

Every day we are surrounded by various scents, but have you ever wondered if they are safe?

Unfortunately, many scented candles contain a large number of harmful chemical compounds that, when burned, evaporate into the environment, negatively affecting our health.

Especially dangerous for health are paraffin candles. Paraffin, when burned, releases many harmful chemical compounds into the atmosphere, such as carcinogenic benzene, toluene, and formaldehyde. Frequent and prolonged contact with these substances is as dangerous to the body as passive smoking. This leads to many health problems, causing, for example, headaches, nausea, lung cancer…

Another danger is artificial fragrances and scent boosters. They are added to both paraffin and soy candles. Such candles also adversely affect health and well-being. When purchasing, it is essential to check whether a given candle does not contain artificial fragrances.

Natural palm candles are the best for health

For all those who value health and safety, while also enjoying a beautiful scent, natural palm-scented candles are highly recommended. While burning these candles, you inhale only natural ingredients that are safe for you and animals. Moreover, they positively affect your health thanks to the addition of natural plant extracts and essential oils with aromatherapeutic effects.

Thanks to natural candles, you gain a beautiful, natural, decidedly more intense and longer-lasting scent compared to other artificial candles. So if you want your home to be filled with the beautiful floral scent of roses that doesn’t remind you of chemicals, a rose-scented candle will definitely work well in your home. The natural scent of essential oil from rose petals combined with natural palm wax will linger intensively in your home for a long time, enveloping you in a wonderful fragrance.

Before each candle purchase, make sure they are fully natural. How to check this?

Natural palm-scented candles must be made 100% from palm wax. This is a plant wax obtained from the fruits of the coconut palm. The scent, like the wax, should also be natural. Most often, natural essential oils or natural plant extracts are used.

All this information should be included on the product label or in the store information selling natural scented candles.

For health and scent reasons, it is worth using natural candles. These candles are fully eco-friendly, represent a renewable energy source, and are completely biodegradable. They release up to 90% less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than paraffin candles – they don’t produce soot. They do not contain harmful, artificial chemical substances. Since no animals are used in their production, they can be used by vegans.

Check out all the palm candles and choose the natural scent that’s perfect for you.

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